Aluminum Hub Kit for TEKNO NB/EB/NT/ET-48 2.0 Vehicles

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Product Overview

"The ULTIMATE rear hub system for the TEKNO 1/8 scale platform"

The LIT R/C Aluminum Hub Kit for the xx-48 2.0 buggies and truggies offers many benefits to the vehicle they are installed on. More adjustability, durability, and consistency than the stock components all add up to a more confident driving experience and provide as much rear traction that you could ever ask for!


- FULL KIT ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE with nothing extra to buy

- Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and Delrin construction for exceptional durability

- 10g heavier per hub assembly for more weight right over the contact patch of the tires, resulting in MORE TRACTION

- Interchangeable carbon fiber "ears" with extra adjustment holes. A standard-height and a +3mm set are BOTH INCLUDED

- Works with BOTH universals and CVA driveshaft setups (for CVAs use plastic spacers from Tekno kit)

- DELRIN hinge pin insert kit included (stock inserts also fit if you misplace any)



All hardware is included with the kit. However, you will still need to use your stock CVA bearing spacers if you are running CVA driveshafts. You will also need to use the kit hinge pins and hub spacers. 

NOTE FOR BUGGIES: If you are running STOCK rear shocks and 122mm or less of rear droop, you CAN use the +3mm ears at the new maximum rear link position and still have clearance for your rims. If you are running the TRUGGY LENGTH rear shock setup and FULL droop, and you use the +3mm ears / maximum link length, be aware that you WILL risk some rubbing on the outer link when the suspension travel reaches its maximum. Be mindful of your setup choices depending on these circumstances. We have tested the maximum height and length on our hubs with the stock shocks with maximum droop successfully. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review