2-Piece Engine Mount KIT for TEKNO 2.x

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Product Overview

Now you can do engine maintenance with ease while having total clutch-spur gear mesh repeatablility within +/-0.001" every time you remove and replace your engine. Our mount also gives you the option to use the Tekno clutch or other manufacturers with a shorter bell length simply by using the second set of holes WITHOUT the need to remove the engine mounting screws. The blocks are made of tough 7075 aluminum, anodized black, and include a full set of screws.

Buy a second set of top blocks here: https://litrcproducts.com/2-piece-engine-mount-top-blocks-set/?showHidden=true
and have your spare engine ready to mount on the fly. 


Package includes:

-2 bottom mounts
-2 top mounts (engine side)
-ALL screws needed to mount your engine and mounts to your vehicle (even a new set of 5 bottom screws)

All parts made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review