Delrin Hinge Pin Insert SET (20) for AE 1/8 Scale Vehicles w/ 0.5 deg "Tweener" pills

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CNC Machined Delrin Hinge Pin Inserts for AE 1/8 Scale Vehicles

These insert are CNC machined out of durable white Delrin, and are designed to last much longer than the stock factory pill inserts. This set comes with the sought-after "Tweener" pills as well, and won't break the bank. 

Note: please keep in mind that if you want enough of one location of insert to fill the entire car, you will need more than one set. 

Contact us if you would like to purchase a 10 pack of one specific location. (Only sold in packs of 10)


- 1x Pack of 20 Square Pill Inserts 

   - 4x Center, 4x .5 Out, 4x 1 Out, 4x .5 Corner, 4x 1 Corner

- Made is Wisconsin, USA




(No reviews yet) Write a Review