8ight-X Carbon Rear Tower

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Product Overview

LIT R/C 5mm Carbon Rear Tower for TLR 8ight-X

These towers are machined out of our matte 3k twill carbon in 5mm thickness. The geometry for the rear tower is the same as the stock kit tower, but has a thicker and stronger outer profile to be more durable that other carbon towers available. The towers also have small chamfered edges to help prevent delamination. In addition, we added more outer camber link positions with +10mm wing mounting positions to raise the stock wing mount. All this extra material must add extra weight right? Nope, our towers are actually lighter than the stock towers with the spec differences of the following:

Rear tower - 6grams less than stock


-5mm thick 3k twill carbon fiber

-Stock geometry with more chamber link and wing mount positions 

-Wider and stronger overall profile compared to other carbon towers

-Chamfered leading and trailing edges

-Lighter than stock towers

-Made in Wisconsin, USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review